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Why Consign Online

Because it allows you to get top dollar for your used vehicle. Rather than selling your vehicle at wholesale to a dealer that advertises that they will buy your vehicle, you have the opportunity to sell your vehicle to a retail customer. Additionally, Consign Online handles the sale of your vehicle without ever leaving your home. The entire sales process will be handled for you. All you have to do is follow a few steps outlined in more detail below.

Consign Online gives you a simple contact free communication with a consignment concierge to discuss the proper listing price for the vehicle. Once the listing price is agreed upon, your vehicle will be set up to be inspected. Once Consign Online and you enter into an agreement to move forward, your vehicle will be set up to be thoroughly cleaned and/or detailed. The final step is simply following the prompts within the application for the photographs and submit.

Once an offer is accepted, we will prepare all the paperwork for you. If you still have a loan on the car, no worries, we will make the payoff to the lender with you receiving the difference.

In comparison to the alternative where you would be attempting to sell your own used vehicle where there are multiple variables in the equation:

  • People coming to your home that you do not know;
  • People making you a low offer;
  • or just people possibly wasting your time.

In addition, if you do sell your vehicle by yourself, there is always tag and title work that has to be done along with other documents that most people do not know how to do nor have the time or want to do. We handle it all. Contact Consign Online Now and let us get your vehicle sold!

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Address: 2714 S Macdill Ave : Tampa, FL 33629
Phone: (813) 805-7822